Who am I?… wow that’s such a question, I am so many things but most of all I am Madeline!

I was born in Leicester and I am the youngest of 6 girls which is where I learnt my negotiating skills. I’m married to Mr Magnificent and we have two beautiful daughters who are definitely our joy, but give us a real run for our money. I love life and the opportunities that it offers, and I believe that we all have a purpose and that there is magnificence and beauty in everyone.

I’m a feminity advocate but not feminist! I feel that feminity carries an amazing strength all of it’s own, it does not need to be masculine. So I’m not afraid or ashamed to be womanly as after all that’s what I am. I truly believe in empowering women to be the best that they can be and really embrace their magnificence. I’ve learnt a lot about that over the years and I’m passionate about helping women do just that. Whether at home, in business, in their relationship or with themselves my purpose is to help women just be….

I love music ranging from soul to classical to jazz and of course I love ABBA. I enjoy driving, writing, brainstorming, cooking, walking, dancing, worship leading, amateur dramatics and a whole range of other things that just tickle my fancy! I am Mad by name and mad by nature.