What do you want?

what-do-you-wantI’ve taken on a coach recently. I decided that the coach (me) needed a coach (the coach) and it’s so far has been a great experience. I’ve spent much of my life supporting others and I wanted to get some support for myself. We all need support and one time or another.

So, my focus currently is what I want. I recognise that I don’t always think about this. Yes, there’s the house, the car, the income that I want, but this is much deeper. This is about the things that I want for me, not for my family. The experiences that I want to have and cherish.

The definition of “want” is: have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.

I wonder when was the last time you sat down, stopped your on-the-go life and really thought about what you wanted. Taking away the financial needs and just focused on you.

I’m taking time out over the coming weeks to really focus on what I want for myself, not my kids or husband or all of us together, but focused solely and completely on me. Why not join me and let me know what you discovered about yourself in the comments below.

Have an awesome time exploring.