The Power of Self Talk

This morning I woke up early, popped to the loo and looked at myself in the mirror, I’ve been on this quest to shed the excess weight that I am carrying and over the last few months I’ve had a bit of a struggle, my face looked bloated. Well maybe I’m being a little generous… my face looked fat, fatter should I say and off I went.

“You are such a failure, such a fat failure” “You’re just not going to do this, and you’re failing in other ways too”

Suddenly it was a free for all and everything negative that I could say about myself came out in a flurry of hurtful things that started to send me further into self loathing. Then…. I heard myself and so I caught myself and I stopped myself. I could feel my mood for the day darkening and all the sunshine that was piercing through the gaps in my curtains was being turned into dark volumous clouds ready and willing to rain on my parade before I’d even had time to brush my teeth. 

I stopped and asked myself “What are you doing? That’s not true” and so I turned it around, I spoke about myself with kind words, used the affirmations that had got me through so much. The affirmations that taked about what I wanted to achieve in the present tense. I reminded myself of all the exercise that I now do which I only thought about a year ago. I reminded myself that I had changed much of my thinking and that it took two decades to put all of this weight on and it’s not about to go in an instant. I spoke words of life to myself and gave myself a break. 

The same words that we use to speak terrible things to ourselves are the same words that stop us from achieving our goals, they are the ones that strangle our dreams and keep us stuck. They are those words like “Hmm we’ll see” that have no commitment or decisive intent that makes things happen. We give ourselves a very hard time, maybe because often from very little we are told “don’t do that” or “no” and when we speak about ourselves in positive terms there is always someone ready and willing to let us know that we are being boastful or that we are full of ourselves.

I realise that it is these damning words that I speak to myself that have held me back from achieving many of my dreams. As I learn to challenge and change them I see not only the possibilities in my life but actually realise them so that they are now experiences that I have gained and treasure. 

When I go into schools I teach students to have an “I CAN” attitude, when I work with businesses my underlying purpose is to increase their confidence in their business, its offerings and themselves as well as provide them with strategies for growth and success. Funny how we are great at helping others but often amiss at applying that same help to ourselves. 

My challenge to you today and every day is to speak words that empower you. Speak them in the present tense, own your success and be kind to yourself. Tell yourself who you want to be like you already are. 

Here are some of my mantras:

I am slim, fit and healthy, I love exercise and eat wholesome and healthy foods. I wear the clothes I want to wear in colours and a size that suits me. 

I am a fantastic money manager, I manage my finances efficiently and effectively. All of my financial promises are kept on time and in full.

I am great at my work, Iam care for my clients and workhard to make a great living from what I do. Image

These are just a few… if you know that you have been calling yourself “stupid,””clumsy,” “unlovable,””Fat”, “ugly,” or anything else derogatory then its time to change your mantra, time to change your self talk. After all our minds will believe what we tell them and fall in line. So why not condition your brain to be positive and supportive and then take action and make your positive mantra’s a reality.

Go on… give it a try… just remember like anything else worthwhile it may take you some time before it really changes the way you think and take action.