Me & My Money

In conversation with my sister today, she told me about a white woman who had written an article in America about black people and money, the lady was stating that black people were consumerists who did not think about saving and investing but spent everything that they had. As a woman of colour, a black woman I hate it when people make generalisations about black people, I find it insulting that we are all lumped into one big group with no differentiation applied, the middle and upper classes ignored and a intelligent discussion abandoned.  Yet it got me thinking. Financial management is necessary for every and anyone who wants to live life freely regardless of race, culture or colour.

I have been on a real journey especially over the last year and half regarding my attitudes and behaviors around money. I recognise that I did not learn how to save no matter how much my mother told me to, I know about investing but haven’t got round to doing it waiting for a lump some to arrive at my doorstep and there have been times when my money management has been to say the least poor.

The right money mindset is something that it taught, it’s not enough to just read a book, and believe me I have read a fair few on the money mindset, it actually requires practice. As it is those good practices that develop the mindset and habits that lead to financial independence. I really have learned this the hard way… but the most important thing is not the learning but the practical application of that learning.

We are bombarded day by day with images of material things that we are told that we must have, we are wooed with credit cards, credit accounts, loans and other such delights that say we can have want we want, right now. It is this uninhibited promotion of materialism that gets us in trouble coupled with the keep up with the Jones mentality that keeps us bound from the financial freedom that we seek. The truth is, until we learn to save a little, let it grow and then invest some, until we learn to be content with what we’ve got and not try and use what we’ve not got (one of my mums sayings), until we learn how to manage money and not let it manage us we will always continue to struggle. Yet again… we stand in the way of our financial success. It doesn’t matter how much or how little your earn, it is your attitudes and actions to money that make all of the difference.

So today if you’ve allowed money to control you and are struggling to get a strong hold on your money. Change your mind, train your mind and take action. Little by little you can find freedom if you make a decision to take control.