Morning musings

Last night I went for a long drive with my husband around the roads of Harrow and Watford, the night was warm perfect for a late night walk although we didn’t actually do any walking. We spoke about many things, expectations or the lack of them, relationships, religion, life… it’s something we do ever so often and gives us the opportunity to really unburden ourselves of any thoughts, frustrations or feelings that we may have and further still its a good time to share new learning.

Our drive has got met thinking this morning about life and our expectations of it, I’m musing just how much of it do we spend in unrealistic expectation of postive change. Now not everyone will be able to align themselves with my thinking this morning. I’m very aware that there are those of us who have no expectation of positive change in their lives… who’s only expectation is more of the same as the saying goes “Same shit, different day” and of those who actually only expect things to get worse and spend a great deal of time and energy telling us just how terrible it all is and how terrible it’s all going to get. No this morning I’m not thinking about those people, I’m more concerned with those of us, me included, who often have unrealistic expectations of positive change in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying at all that positive change will not happen or is not realistic… not in any form or fashion, No! But what I am talking about is our often unrealistic expectation that it will happen today!

I don’t think that I could live my life without my positive aspirations, hopes, dreams and the promises that I feel that the universe is to fulfill for me, in me and through me. However, I do question how I’ve processed this positivity and how because of my often gung ho attitude of  “It’s going to happen any minute now” (only to find that actually it hasn’t happened now) I may have caused myself and my loved ones more stress than was necessary. It’s not that these aspirations are not to be fulfilled but I think that I/we need to be more realistic in our expectations of them. I am a firm believer that we can change our state and our circumstances and that there is abundance all around us, but becoming successful in this change and accessing the abundance doesn’t just take a positive attitude it also requires of us that often used yet often shunned word “action.”

Here is the thing about action and expectation, you cannot expect to do an action once and feel then that all you desire should come to you… no not at all… what I have observed in the 42 years of being on this earth is that action must be accompanied by discipline, determination and consistency. I’m not excluding words such as love and passion, but these three words seem to me to be the basis of success. We can expect what we want but we need to recognise that it is through action which is discipline, determination, and consistent that success comes and our expectations can be met.

First of all our expectations need to be realistic and this is extended further to the timescales that we expect our expectations to be fulfilled in. If we step into our positivity, with realistic timescales and expectations taking disciplined, determined and consistent action I truly believe that we would experience far less disappointment in our lives. This is a change that I am going to make from today, although I’ve been working on it for some time now, I’m putting this formula into practice in my every day life…. I’ll keep you posted on my success… I wish you well with yours.