What are companies afraid of? Surveys!

Good old fashioned feedback is a great way to find out vital information that can help your business grow. When you ask your customers honest questions which don’t lead them to only positive answers you can really gain some gems of information that can revolutionize your business. Sadly many companies today are afraid of that kind of feedback which puts the customer in the drivers seat.

We are not often sure of what we will get back from our customers and so as we are often afraid of the unknown, we stay not knowing. I’ve worked with a number of companies to whom I have suggested that a survey was a good way to gsurvey-_customero. They had kicked and screamed about surveying their clients with excuses including lack of funds, lack of time, lack of man power to decipher the findings and many more. Often the real reason fro their reluctance is that old chestnut… fear. Fear that clients may not say what they want to hear, fear of criticism, fear that they may not be able to fix the problems that arise from the feedback they get. FEAR!!

Well as Susan Jeffers says “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” There is so much to be gained from the honesty of our clients, we learn why we may be turning them off our products and services and how to turn them back on again. We get great ideas on how to improve our business and offerings, we find out what we are doing well so that we can implement the same ethos in other areas of our business. We gain knowledge and data and in business, apart from cash flow, data is king! With great data you can better fill your clients needs and keep on filling them so that you have consistent business and loyal customers providing you with the essential cash flow you need for a successful business . Imagine writing to a client who filled in honestly worded survey and gave you a great idea for a product, service or delivering your business better, when they receive that letter just imagine how much more they will want to use your service/products over your competition and recommend you.

Surveying works and works well, when honestly created and the answer/responses are openly received and where necessary acted on. Try it… go on you know you really want to.