Why do we like to bitch?

I know, i know you didn’t expect me to use such as word for my blog title or use such a word in general. You’re right usually I wouldn’t use it as it is not necessary. But right now I think it’s the only word that describes what I’m about to talkabout.

It’s when people sit in a group and complain, bemoan, degrade, say derogatory things and verbally slaughter someone or something. What’s worse is that they do it without every attempting to address the issue with the person or the organisation or whatever the situation my be. They just revell in complaining about someone or something else without all the facts or understanding the circumstances behind the person or issue.

What is it about human nature that seems to revell in giving someone else or something a really hard time. I can talk about this because being quite a hypo critical person I have done this on more than one occassion. We love seeing a problem and expounding about it, assuming so many things as to what, why, how, where and when has happened or occurred. We we unforgiving in our bitching and take great pleasure it seems from assuming that the others motives are questionable.

Why is it that we don’t often deal with the person or actual issue face on? Why don’t we write a letter of complaint or contact the person or organsation to gain greater clarity or understanding? Why don’t we inform them in a polite manner of things we think could be included next time or highlight the error as we see it with suggestions of improvement?

We love to bitch!! We expect others to extend grace towards us and understand where we are coming from, but we seem to find it exceptionally difficult to extend that same grace and understanding that we expect of others. It’s high time that we drop the bitching and look for a better way of dealing with our frustation with others, taking action in some way makes much sense to me. It’s the solution that I have found works the best right now. Moreso it is far more energising and fruitful and leaves one with a sense of achievement.

So before you get involved in bemoaning someone or something, next time take a moment and see if there is another way of dealing with it that not only gratifies offending party but also yourself.