The Apprentice: 2008… It’s Back

Well would you believe it? The Apprentice is back!!

The Apprentice is  one of my favourite programmes and in the past has been a source of much blogging for me. The first episode of 2008’s The Apprentice airs on BBC1 at 9pm Wednesday, March 26 with a line up of candidates (characters) from all over the country.  After viewing the girls and the boys it is really is going to be an interesting one. There are definitely some rottweilers in there but sadly it also looks like, yet again, we’ve a few who are along for the media ride.  I also think that we are in for a bit of a laugh judging by some of this years contestants. We also have some self confessed ruthless people who are proud to admit that they are manipulative and will do anything to get what they want. We’ve one or two who almost sound like they are trying to convince themselves of their abilities.

Well we will see, if this years Apprentice is worth watching soon enough and I shall be commenting as we go along!

but we shall have to wait and see.