What is it with women and shopping?

I’m really having to think about this question right now… what is it with women and shopping? It’s a rhetorical question that I am having to pose at myself right now as I find shopping just a little bit too irresistible. There’s nothing like a good bargain or purchasing something that truly fits you and is absolutely delicious like a great pair of shoes. It doesn’t quite matter that you have nothing at all to match with them, its just that they look great and more so they look great on you!!

Whether it’s for the children, my husband or shopping is a pleasure. I suppose it’s that sense of escapism, that you can feel strolling around the a worthwhile shopping centre. Sometimes for me its the sense of peace, time without the children constantly asking for my attention, time without my husband needing my assistance in some form or the other, away from the computer and even the phone, with out the duties of work, the house and even sometimes friendship.

I enjoy shopping alone, with maybe a stop off at the coffee shop to sit, enjoy and people watch, happy and comfortable with me…. and of course my purchases!!! LOL I think that shopping allows us to feel the power of our money, the satisfaction of being in the priviledged position of being able to purchase and the feeling that we can bring a smile to our loves ones faces when we bestow gifts upon them. Hmmm

It’s not just offline it’s online as well, with a wide range of online stores to choose from, the ever present and open, ebay or amazon we are completely spoilt for choice as to where we can purchase the delights of our hearts.

The Daily Mail reported just over a year ago that a survey that was completed with 3000 by GE Money discovered the average woman will shop for an astonishing 25,184 hours and 53 minutes (more than 8 years) over a period of 63 years. Wow we surely can shop!!

There can be downsides of course, such as over spending or using credit to purchase what we can’t afford. But if the bills are paid, the savings are in place and you have a sense of discipline it can be a wonderful experience. So Shop On!!