10 Years Old – My Doesn’t Time Fly!

It’s January 5th and 10 years ago to the day Rianna Alexandra McQueen was born, a grey baby with very low agar’s who took a while to cry. Not that I would know I was knocked out under general anaesthetic since I could not no more than 2 1/2 centimetres dilated and needed to be cut open, worse still nothing but general anaesthetic worked for me in the way of pain relief!

It’s amazing the time has flown and the little baby who had such a knowing face is blooming into a beautiful intelligent young woman who likes to present her parents with challenges. She has always been able to understand the context of words and events and happily uses them back at us at the most opportune moments!!! LOL Rianna is certainly challenging, but I can truly say that I am proud of her.

She is 10, Oh my goodness, what has the next decade got in store for me and this child who as my mum would say “has been down here before”. I know that we are entering a challenging time of our relationship as mother and daughter as she seeks to work out all the changes that are happening to her physically and mentally and as I deal with the hormonal effects of adolescence and often heart wrenching acceptance that my child is becoming a woman. We I am sure will fall out the coming years over outfits, boyfriends (No way) and other such delights, but today I am thankful and blessed that God has seen us through the gift of Rianna.

Happy Birthday Baby!