Thank you 2007

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

2008 is now here in earnest and I welcome it with open arms. I am so excited by the prospects of a New Year, the opportunities that I know are coming my way, new friendships, enhanced old ones, business and pleasure and so much more. Yet I would be amiss not to mention what I have gained in 2007 as that is why I can look forward to 2008 with such relish and optimism.

2007 built my confidence in so many aspects of my life, as a trainer, speaker and friend. My confidence in my ability to achieve all that I want to and so much more, cemented relationships with my friends and deeper connection with my husband. A greater understanding of the need for me to be more emotionally available to my children. Accepting that where I am right now is where I am supposed to be for now and it’s for me to embrace this moment and make is all it can be.

Last year I was reintroduced to Madeline McQueen, things she loved to do, dreams and experiences she had forgotten about. This year is all about ensuring that that I fulfill my dreams and experience the things that I love.

Last year I got rid of some old friends and found some new ones, learnt more about boundaries and openness. Discovered more about stewardship, struggled, survived and then thrived. Learned some of the things I want in business and some of the things I definitely don’t want to be involved in business.

Last year God reminded me of how much he loves and cares for me regardless and that was a very, very rich blessing. I learnt that everyone has issues and that depression is something that besets all of us from time to time. Cemented in my physce from the events last year is that it’s not what happens but how you deal with it that makes all the difference. I also learnt that when you use what’s in your hands instead of always looking for something else amazing things happen.

Last year I learnt more about forgiveness and letting go that I ever have. I recognised that some people just don’t realise the harm that they do and more so they do what they do because of their life experience and circumstances, most of what they do has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them and their own inadequacies and issues and that goes for me too.

I learnt to love a little more and continue to improve my skills in looking for the best in others. I re-introduced myself to smiling for no reason and remembered how by just doing that it could brighten my day and others. I also learnt to treasure what I have no matter how little or how much. That family doesn’t always refer to a blood relative! That family matters.

I don’t think that I can fully encapsulate all of my 2007 learning in this blog, you’d get bored if you haven’t already and I’d get RSI!!!! But one thing I must say is Thank You 2007 you have taught me much and I appreciate you for that more so you have given me an exciting and magnificent platform from which to launch myself into 2008. I’m raring to go on that back of your teachings. Thank You!