What to get for Christmas

I’ve not really given much thought about Christmas presents this year. Not really got into the commercial hubbub. Yes the tree is up and the lights are over the Jack Vettriano picture in the dining room, but that’s about it. To be honest we’ve been too busy to think about it and lately too sick!!

But I am quite stumped at what to get everyone this Christmas. I want to give presents that will really make a impact and share some of the self development and learning that I have acquired especially over recent years, especially to my nieces and nephews. Delivering workshops in high schools has really shown me how much young people truly need to be given life skills before they leave school, teaching them how to develop their confidence, to understand how their words impact their actions and challenging them to uncover their goals and plan to achieve them is critical to their success.  That’s what I want to give this Christmas.

So I am on the hunt for books or tapes that are right for 10 – 14 year olds which motivate and elevate them to success.  Because life is just too short.