Head 4 Business… making a difference.

On Wednesday night I had the privilegde of speaking for Head 4 Business on the Art of Selling. Well after being so sick this week an unfortuneate series of events meant that I got there late (which I HATE!!!) However, all being said the talk (although a little longer than originally planned went well)

What really impressed me was the impact that Head 4 Business had made on the lives of those who they have worked with. I listened with intent as a number of people who had embarked on starting their own business had found Head 4 Business at The Albany on Douglas Road in Deptford and how the organisation had given them the training and support they needed to turn the their ideas in to a reality and their reality into a success.

Head 4 Business are a business support organisation which focuses it’s efforts in the business start up and development support for creative entrepreneurs. It prides itself on being customer first focused and offers a range of services to those seeking to establish themselves in running their own business, especially as a Community Interest Company.

There are many unsung hero’s in the business support world, we often hear of Business Link or Start-Up but many smaller organisations or making a massive impact on enterprise and in enterprise. Head 4 Business is one of them.