Book Review: The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life

Ok so maybe a picture of a man in shorts with his legs akimbo isn’t the best cover for a book, but hey what can I say, Jason Vales The Juice Masters’ Slim 4 Life book is brilliant.

It’s easy to read, even if you can feel the energy bursting out of him with every word, and most of all it dispels so many myths and miseducation about food.

I haven’t even finished the book yet and it has already changed may eating habits and my relationship with food. There is a long way to go but as someone who has struggled with weight problems for way to long, this book is a refreshing break from the “Follow my diet and depend on me for ever” clan.

It’s great, it’s not just for people who want to loose weight at all, it’s for those who want to live a healthy and envigorated life, to rediscover real food the way we are suppose to eat it and those who want to really understand what is happening behind the vale of many food companies. I can’t wait to finish it. Dave’s been reading it like mad, needless to say Jason Vale has become his new best friend!!