Alright Gov’ner!

Can you believe it? I left the my children’s school PTA for a well earned break and decided to really devote my time to our business. But believe it or not, I’ve landed myself as one of the Parent Goveners of the school!! Whilst it doesn’t take the energy and effort it did to run the PTA of the largest primary school in Hertfordshire, I am sure that it will be challenging.

I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to get involved in the nitty gritty of school again, but it really is rewarding being involved in school life. I hear too many parents complain and too few get involved.

I really love our school warts and all and the children really do make my day. It’s great walking through the playground and knowing good number of the almost 60o pupils. The children used to call me the PTA lady (if they didn’t know my name), I wonder if they’ll be saying… “Alright Gov’ner” now!! LOL

PS: If you can get involved in school life then do, you children will love it and so will you.