Woman cleared of dog attack death

I’ve been loosely following the case of 5 year old Ellie Lawerenson who was killed by a pit bull terrior when her Grandmother who had drank two bottles of wine and smoked 10 cannibis joints decided to let the dog into the house. Now lets get this straight, this dog had already attacked two members of the family and which has already attacked two people Jackie Simpson relatives claim had been told never to let the dog in the house when her granddaughter was there. (You can read more here)

Ms Simpson will forever have to live with the death of her granddaughter but I can’t help but feel that her irresponsible behaviour should have sent her to prision. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that an unpredicatable, aggressive dog shouldn’t be around small children. Nor does it take one to know that alcohol and drugs are not the sort of sustances one should be consuming when looking after a child.

I cannot imagine how Ellie’s mother must feel. Where do you go from here? I’m not sure that I could bring myself to looking at further more speak to my mother or mother in law again. It is interesting to note that the families views have not been recorded as commenting at this stage. But the pain all round must be unbearable.

What’s it gonna take for people to recognise that dangerous dogs are just that…. Dangerous!