Don’t be so hard on yourself

This weekend has been great in many ways (apart from the lack of sleep, hence I’m here writing at some ungodly hour of the morning!!)  Although my husband and kids have been away for most of the time and I have missed them, it’s been great to have some time all to myself without the demands of mother/wifehood. I’ve almost felt jealous of my time, but have had the company of some of my bestest friends.

This is one of the many things I have gotten out of this time for me… Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s been a weekend where whilst I’ve been thinking that maybe I haven’t done all the things that I should have done as a mother with my kids over the holidays I’ve been told I’m doing a great job; a time where whilst I’ve been giving myself a hard time over my weight gain I’ve received some wonderful comments of my beauty and attire (flippin’ heck!); a time when I’ve been able to reflect on some of the skills and talents that I have; a time of knowing; a time when my husband has declared his undying love for me regardless of what I might think of myself; a time when I feel more confident that I have for years and I know that I can (whatever that I can may be).

I realise that I have been so hard on myself that it has taken much of my energy, laughter and sparkle. This weekend has just given me time to remember that I am enough and it is not necessary to beat myself up at every possible moment. It’s enough just to be, to chill and to accept that everything is OK.

Thank you to all of my friends who in their own little way have reminded me “Don’t be so hard on yourself”