Sharing a computer

We’ve been a bit spoil in our house for the last few years, in that we have had two laptops and a desk top computer so Dave and I have been able to work on the laptops and the kids use the desktop. In the last few months that has changed drastically as the laptops have suffered one problem or another and decided to decommission themselves much to our dismay. So as a family of four we are now sharing our ever faithful desktop computer. I am not sure just how much I can take of it!!

Not long will I have started to type or view a website when someone comes along begging for a quick turn. David, by far, is the greatest culprit with the children not close at his heels. The oldest wanting to do an online typing course my sister gave her and the youngest desperate for the Polly Pocket or Barbie website. They are killing me!!

Sharing a computer just isn’t any fun at all!