Filming again

Well, Dave is off again to Glasgow filming for Channel 4 again. It’s wonderful to see how his dream to be on television has turned into a reality and just goes to show that how when you verbalize what you want to achieve things start to happen. I’ve watched my husband really grow over the last year, focusing in on what he wants to achieve and putting himself in the right place to ensure that when the opportunity arrives he is able to receive it.

Dave says that filming is tiring, but that the satisfaction and enjoyment he gets from it is immense. I always knew that he was right for TV as he really is an excellent presenter and I hope that this experience sets the platform for more such work. When you are doing what you love and enjoy it, it adds value to every aspect of your life and so me and the kids are lapping up the value of a satisfied and happy husband and father.

So Dave as you face the camera again we hope you have a fab time!