Life with out the internet!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, well it’s because I have been without the internet since the 16th July and boy does it make a difference to your life. Life with out the internet has shown me just how much I depend on it for day to day living.

Mercy, there is so much on the internet it’s unreal!! I am blogging from the library but to be honest there is no comparision. Firstly, it’s no where near as fast as my broadband was at home, bummer. Any kind of information I want I usually zip on line and have it a the tip of my finger tips, even my dictionary and thesaurus. Road maps and direction, internet banking, information, contact with friends, networking, business development, writing training, information on warts for example!!! I just cannot believe how dependent I had become and how lost I have felt without the world wide web a moment away!!

It should we back within a week or so, but it truly has been an interesting experience. I now depend on the web for so much in my life, I bet you do too!!