Happy Birthday Madeline

Well it was my birthday yesterday and what a day!!

It started off well, with time with my husband a drive and picnic in the countryside, the Dance Extravaganza at the children’s school and then the dreaded PTA reared it’s head and completely spoiled several hours of my day. My husband got frustrated at it interfering in our lives again especially on our birthday and well it just wasn’t pleasant.

So eventually as the evening wore on the frustration ended and we chilled out, our friends Atiti and Didi passed by to make us laugh and with a lovely present for me (beautiful). I received lots of lovely phone calls. text messages, facebook messages and emails  and cards,  so I’m gonna focus on what went well. I have a whole year to celebrate and that it what I am going to do!!

This year is  going to be a year of living life with passion, living it to the full, taking lots of action, not being held back by fear or limiting beliefs. It’s going to be an amazing year I know it and many of my dreams will come true. A year where my relationships will be taken to the next level and a year of being completely true to myself and who I am. But even more so it will be a year where my walk with God will be strengthened as I see what does in my life. 

Thank you for being part of my coming year!