Forever Friends?

Over this last year I have come to realise that not all friends are forever. What? I hear you say. Well I will say it again, not all friends are forever. Someone people come into your life for just a period of time. Maybe it’s to learn something from them or about yourself. Maybe they are only appropriate for the specific circumstances you or they are going through. Sometimes the period of time is short and for others it may be a number of years, however, not everyone will be your friend forever and therefore you shouldn’t try to force them or the relationship to be something they or it cannot be.

When you don’t recognise this you will be forever in trouble, you’ll hold on too long and the relationship will go sour and end up in a mess. What’s worse is when you do know this but the party you are friends with has not yet reached your level understanding in the course f their life and so when you let go they hold on and then become resentful when their best efforts fail.

I can think of two of my own relationships in the last year that have taught me this valuable lesson, they also taught me that you are never too old to learn something new that can enrich your life.  So remember some friendships (and no too many)  are forever and others just are not. It’s not a bad thing, it is an integral part of life.

Who are you holding onto that you should have let go of? Set yourself free.