Beautiful People: Leon Timbo & Kendra Robinson

Well Souled Out was a raging success and I can truly say that I had a great time, regardless of my gammy knee. What was a real pleasure was meeting two beautiful people in the form of Leon Timbo and Kendra Robinson.

Leon is just lovely, our whole family warmed to him and boy did he make us laugh. A really warm and inviting person who can be silent but deadly!! What struck me was his gift of music and ministry and the fact that he can draw everyone and anyone into worship. I will never see Luther Van Dross’s “I don’t wanna bore you with it” in the same light ever again. Absolutely awesome. Leon has to come back to England and soon. He has a work to do!

Kendra Robinson, in some respects is a younger version of me, she is a strong gifted woman who is not afraid to say it as she sees it. I think I may have mellowed though over time, Kendra is still raw, but has a beautiful inclusive spirit which is very endearing. She is some lady, she’s a publistic who introduces artists “to the world” and she’s a mean cook which she painstakingly proved to me as she introduced me to real southern macaroni pie!! One look at it is enough to put 1/2 a stone of fat on your hips! It was gorgeous but surely something your could not eat every day!!

I feel privileged to have spent time with these two, hard working, committed to the cause beautiful people and I hope to send time with them again some day soon!