Katie Hopkins: You’re Fired !

I don’t think that anyone really knows what they are doing when they go into the Apprentice. They don’t realise how the experience have the effect of bringing out the worse aspects of their personality or the best. I believe that Katie Hopkins is a classic example of this. Not only was she the pantomine villan in the show, her relationship track record supported the role. Unfortunately, whilst she saw her ability to get the man she wanted (regardless of the fact that he was married) as a a strength it seems to have become her biggest weakness.

The Met Office whom Katie has been working for gave her, her marching orders with no hint of regret. It seems that probation periods still have their uses and lying on national television about your income is a sure why to get yourself sacked; Katie has been the cause of her own downfall!

Maybe it’s time for Katie to take a good look in the mirror and ask herself some hard questions. Everyone wants to build a positive career out of the Apprentice, Katie it seem’s has missed the point!