F!RSTBORN PRESENTS: Souled Out! 21st June

Each month Firstborn Media Group puts on a christian show case called Souled Out, which showcases the spectrum of christian music available today. We focus on up and coming artists in the UK and bring in an international artist to add a little flavour. We feel that there are many outstanding artists that just aren’t getting the platform they need to take their music to the next level. Souled Out aims to provide that platform so that the gospel reaches the people.

Whether you are a person of faith or not, if you like good music then you need to find yourself at

Hackney Central (The Old Railway Station) on the corner of Mare Street and Amhurst Road, London, E8 1LL on

21st June 2007

at 8:00pm

with £10.00 to get in!

Artists on the night are: Four Kornerz, Leon Timbo (USA), The Dawn, Clinton Jordon, sugar black spoken word.

It’s sponsored by United by One and Verse II Impress so be there and I’ll meet you on the night! It’s a good way to spend a tenner!