Jadine Johnson is a winner

Well what a week. Sir Alan, said “Regrettably Jadine, your fired!” I take great comfort in that “regrettably” but to be honest I firmly believe that Jadine was not the downfall of the task. She sold the most product and the highest value product at that. She was willing to make calls on the morning they were due to go out and sell, Tre said no. Now you can call her homesickness whatever you want, but when you have been away from home with no contact with your family for nine weeks and you live with some people who seem to have their sense of humanity, you’d be ready to go home too! (especially living with Katie!)

I don’t feel that Jadine deserved to get fired for her performance as, apart from her homesickness, I felt that she stood out from the group. Tre didn’t know what he was doing, Simon is becoming concerning (maybe been hanging around with Tre for too long), Lohit took a little bit too much credit for the sales success and dig the knife in. Jadine unfortunately didn’t fight in the boardroom, which was a disappointment, but after reading her interview with the BBC, she made it clear that she wanted to go home and knew that keeping schtum was the best way to go about it.

I take my hat off to Jadine, when she started the Apprentice I was scared by her approach, but she took the criticism she received on the chin and decided to use it to better herself. For me Jadine is the ultimate apprentice because she is teachable. Life is a continual learning process, you never know it all, but continue to grow if you allow yourself to learn from mistakes and take constructive criticism and use it to better yourself.

Lastly, every black women who is assertive, knows who she is and doesn’t allow people to walk over her isn’t aggressive. (I just had to get that one in!!)

Gwarn Jadine!! I wish you all the best!