The Apprentice: Katie Hopkins

I’m not sure what to say about this one really, cause to be honest none of it’s positive. My mother used to say when someone was bad that they were “The Devil Incarnate” and I can’t help but think this when I think of Katie Hopkins. Now there have been lots of people on the apprentice with diverse personalities, hang ups and all sorts. Last years Sayed was not the most endearing person, but you had to give him an “A” for effort. Unfortunately, non such favour can be afforded to Katie in my books. I’m not sure what she has experienced in her life but there is a conniving mean streak that I feel can’t be commended no matter which way you look at it.

Katie most definitely has contributed to the demise of both Adam and Gazelle (what a name to give a child!) Whilst last week Gazelle really needed guidance she was getting wrong it in all the wrong places and knowingly in the boardroom Katie sat back and watched her drown with a bemused expression on her face. Now who needs enemies with friends like that!

There are things that Katie says behind the backs of others which are completely unforgivable. Me thinks that if she could get away with it, she’d take a life that got in her way without hesitation. Kristina watch your back, Katie has all sorts of armoury waiting to exterminate you with… just you mind. Jadine steer completely clear. This one is definitely not someone I would want on my team any day of the week.