Intuition- you’ve got it for a reason

Over the years I’ve done lots of things that I wasn’t a hundred percent sure of. Often swayed by another’s opinion or because I might loose out on an opportunity of a life time I’ve got involved in things that to be honest I had no business in. Not because they were bad, or criminal or anything like that (me… never!) but because they weren’t right for me.

I’ve always had quite strong intuition, I get a feeling around things that sometimes comes from nowhere. Like in the movies when someone says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” and low and behold after ignoring that feeling all hell breaks loose, I get the feeling! Every single time I go against that in built intuition I end up down a path that does not honour me, doesn’t feel right and then I end up having to abandon the project or it puts me back on where I should have been.

Glenys Reynolds, an absolutely amazing colour therapist, told me once “Madeline you have a strong sense of your own intuition and following this more would enormous benefit to your life.”

So what am I ranting on about… well it’s this. You have intuition for a reason, it’s to ensure that what you do is in harmony with you and who you are. It’s to keep you on the right track and to ensure that you are not waylaid by dissenters. Even those with the best will in the world can put you in the wrong place when you follow them and not your intuition.

This is no hoopla, mumbo jumbo, if you thought back to most times when you got it wrong, you’ll find that you went against your intuition. So whether in your business or personal life follow your intuition, fine tune it and you’ll be just fine.