I Speak Life

Over the last week life has been spoken into my life by the words, kindness and love of a blessed women called Atiti. My spiritual walk is a christian one and I am not ashamed of it in any form or fashion, in fact I couldn’t have survived the last 7 years with out my faith.

Anyway, this thing about speaking life is real interesting because it has really does make a difference. This is more than positive thinking, it’s about embracing life, about promoting a healthy, positive, purpose driven, effective life and it’s mostly about faith. Where your circumstances do not determine your future. Where those around you speak to your heart to promote the best in you and are willing to be lovingly honest about the areas that require improvement.

Speaking life means over coming your current circumstances and seeing the bigger picture. It’s about stepping into who you were created to be as opposed to what you have become because of your circumstances. It’s all about what you become inspite of your circumstances. For the first time in a long time, I know accept that I am gifted and talented and that I don’t need to hide behind a bushel! But I should (and am) step into who I am and who I can be regardless.

I’m choosing to speak life into my life and the life of others, to give credit to God who has brought me through many things and has promised better things to come. I choose to speak life inspite of what may at times seems a challenging existance. Today I choose life!