New Year New You

Well I know we are 9 days in but Happy New Year everyone.

I hope that the holiday season was good for you. It was a relaxing one for me but more so a time to really recoup and cement the bond with my immediate family. So what are my plans for this New Year?

Well first things first, is to go through this year without limits! Basically, I’m tired of saying I could do this or I could do that or I would like to do this or that and it never transpiring. So this year no holds barred I intend to live life as it is, tomorrow is not promised so I need to cease today. I’ve always wanted to ski, so that’s on my to do list, I really need to shift a few stone, so I’ve started that process, to really build our family business and earn what I deserve comes to mind! So this year is limitless all things are possible.

One of my other things is not to get so affected by things or people, sometimes I am prone to allowing things beyond my control consume me and affect how I feel, often knocking me to the floor. No more!!!! I can only do what I can do and be responsible for my own actions, thoughts and words. I can’t change other people so I can only do what I have to do for myself.

This year is most definitely my year, the year to go for it and make it happen regardless of the circumstances. Right I will post my New Years commitments soon.. resolutions never seem to go anywhere, but commitments arrhhhh now that’s a different matter!

So New Year, New Me!!