Christmas Madness

I said that this year we were going to have a great Christmas regardless of our circumstances. That we would really ensure that our kids got the presents that they wanted and we would have a whale of time. Now I know that there are still two days to go, but my, my being out in the shops, finding that elusive car parking space, pondering over which present to buy I had to stop look around and ask myself what the hell’s is going on here.

I’ve found myself remembering more and more people that I should really buy presents for; friends, their children, their dog(LOL), the kids teachers, my god child, my husbands 7 god children, my 5 sisters, nieces and nephews, mum, my mum in law, father in law and there are more! When you’re on a budget how on earth do you do all of this? The madness goes on.

We haven’t even started on the food and drink, there’s dinner with my immediate family, my extended family, the in laws, then their are friends, the parties I’ve been invited to. We’ll I’m either cooking or contributing and when you’re visiting you can’t go without a bottle of something and some snacks. The shopping bill is enough for 3 months further more a few days. Where does it all go? Everyone supermarket is manic and you can’t find a fresh brussel sprout anywhere!!

Christmas has surely turned into madness, I spoke to some parents at my children’s junior school who sounded like they were in fear of their lives if they didn’t get exactly what their children had demanded for Christmas. What happened to “You get what you’re given?” They go to great expense to please their children who are truly ungrateful… OK maybe that wasn’t fair, but you get my drift.

Realising that I haven’t bought a present for my mum or my only god daughter, realising that there are still some items of food not sitting in my cupboard and fridge, with only a decorated tree and some lights strung over the side lights in the dinning room and still wondering if I’ve bought my oldest daughter enough, I’ve given up. Christmas is more than presents and stuffing your guts, it’s a time for reflection, family, friendship and gratefulness. It’s a time to remember why we celebrate the season in the first place, to remember a baby who came to give a dying world hope.

So this Christmas step out of the madness and experience love, peace and joy by being thankful, actually talking with and listening to your family and friends and looking forward to something better next year.

Merry Christmas