Alzheimer’s – The End Has Come

It’s been years since I posted here about the Alzheimers journey that my family has been on with my Mum. So here is my latest update: On 27th April 2016 my mum passed… Continue reading

Finding your passion – Is it overrated?

There has been a lot of soul searching going on in Madeline’s Mind. Maybe not enough if I am honest, it’s taking the time out to really think about yourself and not allow… Continue reading

What do you want?

I’ve taken on a coach recently. I decided that the coach (me) needed a coach (the coach) and it’s so far has been a great experience. I’ve spent much of my life supporting… Continue reading

It is just not true…

It’s just not true I tell you! Those negative words, those thoughts and phrases that you say about yourself are not true at all. After all would you have made it this far… Continue reading

2Inspire Network: Blog interview

Well things happen when you just don’t expect them, 2Inspire Network decided that they wanted to interview me so that I could inspire their network. I am so honoured. You can read the interview… Continue reading

Coming to terms with loss

You never quite come to terms with losing someone that you love so dearly, so deeply. You clumsily navigate the feeling of loss that tears you apart on a daily basis. You wonder… Continue reading

The Power of Self Talk

This morning I woke up early, popped to the loo and looked at myself in the mirror, I’ve been on this quest to shed the excess weight that I am carrying and over… Continue reading

Me & My Money

In conversation with my sister today, she told me about a white woman who had written an article in America about black people and money, the lady was stating that black people were… Continue reading

16 Years of Marriage and 23 Years of Togetherness

Today I celebrate my 16th wedding Anniversary with the man that I have now spent more of my life with than without David McQueen. I am excited about our relationship, where it has… Continue reading

Morning musings

Last night I went for a long drive with my husband around the roads of Harrow and Watford, the night was warm perfect for a late night walk although we didn’t actually do… Continue reading